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Original answer. Do not use package titlesec together with a KOMA-Script class. There is the command \RedeclareSectionCommand to change the space before and after a section title. But use the correct units \RedeclareSectionCommand[ beforeskip=-50pt, afterskip=30pt ]{chapter} \RedeclareSectionCommands[ beforeskip=-1sp, afterskip=1.2pt ]{section,subsection,subsubsection Board index LaTeX Page Layout Ask a question LaTeX Community Announcements Community talk Comments & Wishes New Members LaTeX Text Formatting Graphics, Figures & Tables Math & Science Fonts & Character Set Inserts a horizontal space whose length is 1cm. Other L a T e X units can be used with this command. \hfill Inserts a blank space that will stretch accordingly to fill the space available. The commands \hrulefill and \dotfill do the same as \hfill but instead of blank spaces they insert a horizontal ruler and a string of dots, respectively

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Avoid blank space after chapters - LaTeX

Appendixes LaTeX provides an exceedingly simple mechanism for appendixes: the command \appendix switches the document from generating sections (in article class) or chapters (in report or book classes) to producing appendixes. Section or chapter numbering is restarted and the representation of the counter switches to alphabetic In LaTeX, you can easily reference almost anything that can be numbered, and have LaTeX automatically updating the numbering for you whenever necessary. The objects which can be referenced include chapters, sections, subsections, footnotes, theorems, equations, figures and tables . The commands to be used do not depend on what you are referencing, and they are:. This controls how much space is reserved for their contents. You can replace the width with Anything that appears after you issue these commands will have the new label numbering / lettering style. There are five ways you can show the counters (replace counter with the actual counter you want to show, such as table): Counter style Code Example; Arabic numerals \arabic{counter} 1, 2.

LaTeX Extra > LaTeX Strukturen > Inhaltsverzeichnis und Gliederung mit LaTeX L A T E X Inhaltsverzeichnis und Überschriften Das Inhaltsverzeichnis ist eines der vier wichtigen Verzeichnisse 1 und dient der Darstellung der Gliederung eines Textes beziehungsweise eines Dokumentes. Die Gliederung (Überschrift) selbst erfolgt mit bis zu sieben verschiedener Gliederungsbefehlen Whitespace in LaTeX can also be made flexible (what Lamport calls rubber lengths). This means that values such as extra vertical space inserted before a paragraph \parskip can have a default dimension plus an amount of expansion minus an amount of contraction. This is useful on pages in complex documents where not every page may be an exact number of fixed-height lines long, so some give-and. LaTeX automatically floats Tables and Figures, depending on how much space is left on the page at the point that they are processed. If there is not enough room on the current page, the float is moved to the top of the next page. This can be changed by moving the Table or Figure definition to an earlier or later point in the text, or by adjusting some of the parameters which control automatic. which tells LaTeX not to insert more space after a period than after ordinary character. Frenchspacing can be turned off later in your document via the \nonfrenchspacing command. If an author wishes to use the wider end-of-sentence spacing, care must be exercised so that punctuation marks are not misinterpreted as ends of sentences. TeX assumes that sentences end with periods, question marks. After that, the fancy style is set by \pagestyle{fancy}.The command \fancyhf{} clears the header and footer, otherwise the elements of the default plain page style will appear.. Below, a description of the rest of the commands and a few more whose usage is similar. \rhead{Overleaf

Producing White Space in LaTeX. To produce (horizontal) blank space within a paragraph, use \hspace, followed by the length of the blank space enclosed within braces. The length of the skip should be expressed in a unit recognized by LaTeX. These recognized units are given in the following table: pt point (1 in = 72.27 pt) pc pica (1 pc = 12 pt) in inch (1 in = 25.4 mm) bp big point (1 in = 72. Chapter Example, 27. 1. Introduction This package is essentialy a replacement—partial or total—for the LATEX macros related with sections—namely titles, headers and contents. The goal is to provide new features unavailable in current LATEX; if you just want a more friendly interface than that of standard LATEX but without changing the way LATEX works you may consider using fancyhdr, by. But, whenever I use LaTeX + Dvi->PS + PS->PDF, the long chapter headings and figure/table captions goes out of the page (towards the right margin of the page). Thank you. Have a nice day. Rajesh . 8. August 2015 at 11:41. The problem is solved just by just removing the following package from the preamble: \usepackage{hyperref} Reply. tom. 9. August 2015 at 16:09. Hi Rajesh, Thanks for posting.

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